Dan Xin Huang

Third Way

The New Republic I June 2021 issue
In defeating COVID1-9, Taiwan showcased a model distinct from both Chinese authoritarianism and Western chaos.

Afghanistan May Soon Have Peace—at the Cost of Democracy

The New Republic | Apr. 29, 2020
A fledgling armistice endangers the country’s 20-year experiment in democratic state-building.

The Chinese Enlightenment at 100

Foreign Affairs | May 3, 2019
How the Communist Party seized the legacy of May Fourth

A Nation’s Conscience

Guernica | Jan. 31, 2019
Peking University and the legacy of Chinese intellectual independence

Uprooting the Hedge Funds

The Wall Street Journal: The Future of Everything | Fall 2016 issue
A social media-style platform for investors is looking to democratize asset management. But can Instavest retain its top talent?

Trying to Serve Veterans Faster, VA Opens Door to Disability Fraud

The Wall Street Journal | July 14, 2016
Payouts soar as embattled department expands coverage and streamlines claims process, risking overpayments