Dan Xin Huang is a freelance writer and journalist. He previously worked as a financial reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

The Rutters of Athens County
New York Magazine I Sep. 8, 2023
An Appalachian school district’s daring experiment in economic integration.

Could Venture Capital Be the New Frontier in Great-Power Competition?
Foreign Policy I Nov. 2, 2022
In the era of great-power competition, America’s Frontier Fund aims to harness venture capital to advance U.S. strategic interests.

Third Way
The New Republic I June 2021 issue
In defeating COVID1-9, Taiwan showcased a model distinct from both Chinese authoritarianism and Western chaos.

Afghanistan May Soon Have Peace—at the Cost of Democracy
The New Republic | Apr. 29, 2020
A fledgling armistice endangers the country’s 20-year experiment in democratic state-building.

The Chinese Enlightenment at 100
Foreign Affairs | May 3, 2019
How the Communist Party seized the legacy of May Fourth

A Nation’s Conscience
Guernia | Jan. 31, 2019
Peking University and the legacy of Chinese intellectual independence